Pengalan sejarah bahasa Inggris ( fragment story of english languange )

According to Dwi (1997:1), English is the language most often used to communicate by people around the world.  England is the native speaker who had thousands people is still defeated by China and India that people are not a native speaker for this language. The world is changed.  Need to know how English become the first language in China and India.  When China becomes the first country who use English, the English speaking candidate market will increase by over 300 million people (Did you know:2009).  It means organizations will have access to the largest English speaking Talent Pool ever available.
      Grammar is rarely to use in sentences when people speak each others.  People majority only think that is not important because the listener just need the meaning what speaker says. Listener does not need grammatical in used.   However, when grammar is not used in kind of the text, it is seen very strange and not rare the reader can not know what the meaning is.  Unconsciously, it makes bad impact to pattern of the text. 

      Such kind of writer’s method can prove and elaborate all pattern functions and what impact can be shown if it is not applied by other writers. 
      Oxford speaks (2008:320) Pattern is regular arrangement of lines, shapes, etc as a decorative design.  Readers know that means pattern is used to make the text has good pattern and it can makes the readers do not confuse with the text.  In fact, it is difficult how to apply and manage pattern in writer’s text. However, it is more important to make readers easy to understand to find the real meaning of writer’s aim in the text.  Therefore, in this thesis the writer will discuss and elaborate also explain how pattern works in the text.
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